a) WARRANTY SERVICE: As an exclusive in-house brand manufacturer, HI-KAHNG TRADING, INC. warrantees its products from defects and damages. You must obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number from HI-KAHNG  before returning any goods to them for warranty service. This number must be clearly marked externally on the package. You are responsible for paying shipping costs to return the goods to HI-KAHNG, and HI-KAHNG will pay the shipping costs back to you.

b) RETURNS: To ensure that your purchase is a brand new item, and to maintain the integrity of your warranty, HI-KAHNG does not provide a user trial period or trade-in/exchange program. Defective merchandise must be dealt with under the item's warranty, as described in 'Warranty Service'. We will assist you in whatever way we can to make any returns as painless as possible.

c) CANCELLATIONS: You may cancel an order, at no charge, anytime before it ships. You must call us and get a cancellation number.